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LA PUGON by Ancestral

Ancestral is the only firm in the Philippines specialized in offering the traditional wood fired oven "pugon" greatly known as "LA PUGON".

We design and build LA PUGON wood fired oven on a wide a selection from traditional, rustic and a contemporary look. With so many LA PUGON wood fired oven designs from which to choose, it's easy to create a unique look of your own by combining components and accessories to enhance its appearance. If what you desire a more elaborate LA PUGON wood fired oven look; we have this covered for you.

The LA PUGON wood fired oven features impressive and effective functions which are enhanced with the use of only heat resistant materials. The do-it-yourself wood fired oven has finally come to an end as we revolutionized the traditional wood fired oven applications to a LA PUGON wood fired oven sophistication and convenience.

Our unparalleled studies searching for the perfect material, precise engineering and creativity were painstakingly employed resulting to a finest quality performance of the LA PUGON wood fired oven. Take advantage and own a piece of tradition to your home. Enjoy to bond with your family, explore LA PUGON wood fired oven applications and discover the pleasure of creating exceptional dishes.

LA PUGON wood fired oven will surely bring your cooking experience to the next level.

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